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Crosby & Nash
Paris 2005
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March 2005, C&N concert - Casino de Paris

'Know what ? you're not dreaming, we're ain't back in 1975 but truly in 2005. I also did not forget any "Y" or "S".

David CROSBY and Graham NASH had really given à show yesterday March the 23rd in real fully "Casino de Paris".

David CROSBY and Graham NASH represent (for me) the most efficient vocal parts inside CSN & Y. The relationship between those two guys have always been less conflictual than for exemple the one between STILLS and CROSBY or STILLS and YOUNG.

Four studio records and a whole lot of gigs have create a strong friendship and a real complicity between them. Their voices have reached an amazing level of harmony to ear them sing is believe me, a kind of magic.

This concert in Paris is the previous one of a european tour started last February the 3rd in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and finishing the next 24th of March in the same city, some way we can say the circle has endend but...a huge surprise have to come next June, but we're all sur gonna need to have some...patience.

Anyway let's start this chronicle relating a fabulous gig given by the most wonderful vocal duet ever seen (yeah babe yeah).

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Consecutively to their last record (back in 2004), these two sweet little sixty boys will play tonight plugged and electrified songs. The gig started by the highwired "Militrary madness" , this title will introduced a leitmotiv including critics against the Bush administration either through the songs they will sing than through the dialogs they both will give all along the show.

War, nuke energy, religion, all these topics will be approched like an endless fight !

The public react as one. The public was mostly composed by people around 45 years old, it was fun to see all this people acting like if they were glued to the 70's smell (see what I mean ?), I must confess, I like this kind of (motley ?) crow.

Old tunes from CN, CSN and CSNY as "Southbound Train", "Carry me", "Marrakesh express", "Long time gone", "In my dream", "Cathedral", "Déjà vu", "Guinnevere", "Just a song before I go", "Wooden ships" were played with most recent ones as "Lay me down", "Milkyway tonight", "They want it all", "Puppeteer"...

All these songs played one through another in a wonderful way, kick out the public higher and higher, to see and ear Graham NASH (always without any shoes on stage !) and David CROSBY like if we're back on "good old times man" when drugs haven't already broken and make vanish in the air most of their artistics gifts, these guys have been and still some rock n' roll giants.

Tonight I've forget all this shit 'cause this guys are there and the pleasure they give and make them forget the whole rest.

The guitars come one through anothers, GIBSON, MARTIN, FENDER... but, for my despair the acoustic parts will be the less during the show.

The CN band is composed by Stevie Distanislao on drums, Andrew Ford bass guitar, both coming from CPR (CROSBY PEVAR RAYMOND), Dean PARKS guitar and James RAYMOND on keyboards (David CROSBY' son also from CPR). RAYMOND as also been part of the vocals with an extreme higly voice wich sometimes break the spell.

Dean PARKS as done a great job playing old tunes with is own sensibility, well done man !

The higher intensity has been definitively reached with "Critical Mass" and the "a capella" introduction on "Wind on the water".

It's the first time ever (as far as I know) that some live voices replaced during a show the usual tapes, these tapes are most of the times followed by a Commander Cousteau whales report. It really has been the most intensive moment, this song is so beautiful it contains so much knocked me on my seat, sweet emotion man, sweet emotion.

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When CROSBY starts "Almost cut my hair", it breaks all down, the whole crow shout, jump, kick off their jams... We're in, I saw some old boys in trance if pots were allowed they will sure spin all round oh man how good it is to be old !!!

CROSBY suddenly break all the rules with his voice, he was so discreet 'til then , remember the end of Ohio (Neil YOUNG) ?, the acoustics versions of "Wooden ships" and "Long time gone" (CSN acoustic tour 1992) ?

Intensity gets higher and higher once more, the public is out of control cause ladyes and gents as previously written WE'RE IN !!!! Now we know the reason why these guys are living LEGENDS more over than a reflect of (glorious) past..

As a way the please this crazy crow (no public anymore) the duet makes us sing on "Our house" and "Teach your children". No need of any mike, three thousand people singing on the mean time...

All this started up at 08h30 PM, and finshed at 11h45 PM (with 10mn break) and I can see some old fans with old vynil records to exchange, magic.

'Know what ? they will be back in June 05, this european tour have benn so successfully that CSN will start is own tout. They will play in Paris on June the 7th 8H30 PM on the "Palais des congrès"

Jacques Carbonneaux
and Ricardo

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