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SALON - Zeal Guitars - Le Salon de la Belle Guitare - Guitares au Beffroi 2015

Zeal Guitars Zeal Guitars

Bastian Kanbach has completed his vocational training to become a stringed-instrument maker from 2003 to 2006 at the BFS for instrument making in Klingenthal (Saxony). After his training he worked for 2 years in Siggi Braun's shop in Göttingen where he was involved in the complete production, and mostly in charge of producing custom instruments of which he completed more than 100 pieces during his time at Siggi Braun. In 2008, Bastian returned to his hometown of Kaiserslautern and began to build guitars under his own name at first.

Soon after, he met Oliver Reich, a passionate craftsman, independently working in wood production for over 10 years.

Since both of them were/are still active musicians (Olli playing bass guitar and Bastian guitar) soon the idea was born to "join forces" and to create Zeal Guitars together.

Thus, they could put their manual and technical skill as well as the knowledge of the matter wood to use and make Zeal Guitars what it is today.

Bastian Kanbach a complété sa formation professionnelle pour devenir luthier entre 2003-2006 à la BFS dans la fabrication d'instruments à Klingenthal (Saxe).

Après sa formation, il travaille pendant deux ans dans l'atelier de Siggi Braun à Göttingen où il est impliqué dans l'ensemble du processus de production, et le plus souvent en charge de produire des instruments sur mesure dont il a pu réaliser plus de 100 modèles pendant son séjour chez Siggi Braun. En 2008, Bastian retourne dans sa ville natale de Kaiserslautern et commence, pour la première fois,à construire des guitares sous son propre nom.

Peu de temps après, il rencontre Oliver Reich, un artisan passionné, travaillant seul depuis plus de 10 ans dans l'industrie du bois.

Tous les deux étaient et sont encore des musiciens actifs (Olli jest bassiste et Bastian, guitariste). Très vite, l'idée est née d'unir leurs forces et de créer, ensemble, Zeal Guitars.

Ainsi, ils ont pu mettre leur habileté manuelle et technique ainsi que la connaissance du bois au service de Zeal Guitars et faire de la marque ce qu'elle est aujourd'hui.

Jacques Carbonneaux - le 15 janvier 2015 - Le site du luthier -

Zeal Guitars - Black Paisley

Dressed-up for the big stage: The Black Paisley is covered with a brocade fabric that shines through the high gloss finish.
Hardware and woods are caried out in classic T-style, with an alder body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard – but of course we have added some modern features.

- Body: Red Alder
- Neck: Maple
- Fretboard: Rosewood, 650mm Scale, 22 Frets
- Pickups: Häussel TE Set
- Electronic: 3-Way switch; Mastervolume; Tone
- Hardware: Chrome; Schaller M6 Tuner; Gotoh Bridge; Schaller® Strap Locks
- Construction: Bolt-On
- Finish: Paisley Fabric Highgloss

Zeal Guitars - Cupido

A coating of gold-brass makes the Cupido a "real" goldtop! Brass will get a certain patina during the years, just like an old trumpete or saxophone.
The vintage-flair is preassigned – but a little metalpolish will make her shine again if desired. Mahogany body and maple top provide an almost endless sustain, rich overtones and a warm-harmonic sound.

- Body: Mahogany
- Top: Maple
- Neck: Mahogany, Walnut and Maple Stripes
- Fretboard: Cocobolo, 635mm Scale, 24 Frets
- Pickups: Häussel Vintage N+B, Chrome Frames
- Electronic: 5-Way Megaswitch (P); Mastervolume; Tone
- Hardware: Nickel; Schaller® M6 Tuners;
- Schaller® GTM Tune-O-Matic Bridge; Schaller® Strap Locks
- Construction: Bolt-On
- Finish: Polished Brass Coating

Zeal Guitars - Cupido GWV

(GWV – Gone With the Vintage)

The surface of the Cupid GWV consists of a patinized gold brass coating. An air of vintage feeling surrounds this guitar – the hardware is slightly aged and the Bareknuckle pickups give it a classic 50′s sound.
The one-piece mahogany body and set neck produce a warm and round sound and is always powerful and defined. Perfect for classic rock and blues!

- Body: Mahogany
- Neck: Mahogany / Gabun
- Fretboard: Rosewood, 635mm Scale, 24 Frets
- Pickups: Bareknuckle VH2 Neck + Bridge
- Electronic: 5-Way Megaswitch (P); Mastervolume; Tone
- Hardware: Aged Nickel; Schaller Vintage Tuner; Schaller GTM Bridge + Tailpiece; Schaller® Strap Locks
- Construction: Set Neck
- Finish: Vintage Brass

Zeal Guitars - Cupido Earthbound

Rare Woods and fine details for a timeless design and a rich, bluesy sound between vintage and modern leaves nothing to be desired.
The body is chambered for an exceptional light-weight design and a full and warm harmonic sound experience.

- Body: Swietenia Mahogany
- Top: 5A flamed Maple
- Neck: Swietenia Mahogany
- Fretboard: Cocobolo with binding, 635mm scale, 24 stainless steel frets
- Pickups: Bareknuckle Crawler set, rosewood frames
- Electronic: 3-way toggle switch; 2x volume; 2x tone (LP Style)
- Hardware: chrome; Schaller® M6 Locking Tuners; ABM bell-brass TOM bridge + aluminum STP; Schaller® Strap Locks
- Construction: set neck
- Finish: Tiger Eye Highgloss


Zeal Guitars - Hydra

In the sense of the form-follows-function device: one pickup, pure shape, the best components and materials – that's it.
Thanks to the optional RVH tone-filter the many-headed serpent Hydra is very versatile in sound. A second pickup and favourite colour finish are optional.

- Body: Honduras Mahogany
- Top: Maple
- Neck: Bubinga
- Fretboard: Ebony, 650mm Scale, 24 Frets
- Pickup: Hoffmann Big Hum, Ebony Frame
- Electronic: Volume, RVH Unity
- Hardware: Nickel; Schaller® M6 Tuners; 6 ABM Single Bridges;
- Schaller® Strap Locks
- Construction: Bolt-On
- Finish: Eggshell White

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